Project leader: Inna Rozentsvit (inna.rozentsvit@gmail.com)

Motto: Authentic Living for All

Possibilities: Love, Empowerment, and Peace of Mind

Website: www.CelebratingNeurodiversity365.com

Every family in the US and worldwide is touched negatively by neurological (stroke, brain injury, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, and others) or neurodevelopmental conditions (like autistic spectrum disorder, dyslexia, or sensory disintegration disorder). These families are burdened by caregiver burnout, depression, anxiety, or grief – due to loss of health of the loved one or/and an ambiguous loss of the child/spouse/sibling they thought they will have, but they don’t.

What’s lacking – is the possibilities of happiness, peace of mind, and freedom from resentments and regrets. If this situation continues, we will become a nation ridden by mental health conditions that spill over to generations ahead of us, but if those who are neurodiverse are embraced for what they can do, rather than dismissed for what they cannot do easily, a world of opportunity is opening not only for neuroatypical individuals, but for society as a whole.

This project will bring the neuroatypical /neurodiverse community together – families, patients, as well as medical and holistic providers, creating support groups, hands-on workshops, YouTube educational videos, and respite family events, with aim of authentic living for ALL. All these will be announced on the web site dedicated to this project, www.CelebratingNeurodiversity365.com, with the possibility to create a network for communication and cross-pollination.