JAZZ BREWProject Leaders: Erika & Steven (jazzbrewnyc@gmail.com)

Possibilities: Connection, Belonging, Self Expression, Creativity, Freedom

Motto: Not a motto, but a value proposition: Discover confidence in movement and make new friends. We’re bringing people together over snacks and coffee for social dancing. Sign up for a class and join our community.

Website: www.jazzbrewdance.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jazzbrewdance/

Jazz Brew was created to bring people together over coffee to learn swing dancing. We are creating a sense of belonging and a purposeful space to spend time between work and your evening plans in New York City. We want to introduce you to the broader swing dance community that’s alive in NYC, with social dances and community gatherings over live jazz music happening nearly every night. We want to bring together strangers who become friends and make it so you could end each day with music, freedom of expression and community, if you choose. And finally, we are making swing dancing accessible to people who are trying it for the first time and who want to be fully equipped to go social dancing and have a great time dancing with everyone.