Project leader: Charlotte Platt

Website: www.accelevents.com/e/RaisingOurVoicesforYemen

Bring your friends and family out for a warm summer evening of amazing live performances by Yemeni and non-Yemeni musicians. Enjoy delicious Yemeni food like Shak-Shookah (Egg), Foul, Fatah With Honey, and coffee from Port of Mokha, as well as great company and inspiring conversations led by, among others, Debbie Almontaser, author and founder of the Khalil Gibran International AcademyHassan El-Tayyab, author and co-director of Just Foreign Policy, and Bushra Al Fusail, photographer and founder of the #bikingforYemen movement.

A panel discussion on the power of education will be led by Chrysula Winegar, Senior Communications Director at the UN Foundation.

Event partners like STAND, SeenIt Impact, Action Corps NYC – along with community members and advocates – are inviting our friends, family, and anyone who loves music and food to come together 13 August and support the Aisha School, located in Yemen’s capital Sana’a, where 180+ brave educators continue to teach 3,500 students in a conflict zone despite real danger, no pay, and few resources.

Without the selfless dedication of these teachers,  students at the Aisha School would not be able to continue their education. Help us support their efforts, as well as those of student activists in the United States advocating on behalf of all Yemenis affected by conflict.

Raising Our Voices for Yemen is the second music fundraiser and is part of an ongoing series exploring how we as artists, students, community leaders, and activists can work together to pull #ArmsOutOfYemen.

As well as a letter campaign to Members of Congress urging them to end the war in Yemen this summer: https://actionnetwork.org/letters/tell-congress-stop-the-war-in-yemen-this-summer