TRIPLE VERSE COLLABORATORYFirst Project’s Initiative: D-Versify Art on Guadeloupe Islands

Project leader: Loïk Balon-Malacquis (

Possibilities: Transformation, Connection, Fortitude, Harmony and Freedom.

Motto: As the world turns away, tune in.

Description for Triple Verse Collaboratory:
By instigating meaningful and flourishing initiatives through multiple portals of engagement, The launch of Triple V, aims to – amongst other things – fight against the passive devaluation of culture in society that impacts the youth and the elders of Guadeloupe Islands. It is profit-with-purpose concept, designed to build on the assets of the region by giving priority to the power of the arts as an economic and social engine. The first interdependent revenue-generating initiative is a product business for homemade goods called the D-Versify Art Shop where the exchange and cross-fertilization between local artisans and world-class designers intends to plant the seeds of new creative business world-views built on the foundation of Guadeloupe’s long-standing intangible cultural heritage.

Description for D-Versify Art :
The launch of the D-Versify Art on Guadeloupe Islands is an initiative to allow this neotropical, isolated region to be more economically- and culturally-resilient in a globalized world by adding to the evolution of vernacular design. Since Furniture is an important part of the language and expression of a distinctive place, this initiative connects world-class designers – that bring new perspectives into a community – with local artisans and makers, – that have a unique and deep understanding of the place they live in – to learn the history of the place, indulge in a new landscape and co-create unique place-based furniture. With the handcrafted objects offered by the D-Versify Art on Guadeloupe Islands, decades of ancestral wisdom in boat-building and furniture-making is applied to the designing of a brand new line of objects that are contemporary in nature while carrying the glorious spirit of those islanders’ past.